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SDDC Bin update

Please see below a message from SDDC

Good morning all.

Upon inspection this morning of the district roads we have decided it's too dangerous for the crews to collect today. The forecast shows it not reaching plus temperatures until around 1300 today meaning what is on the ground will stay there. Main gritted roads are ice-covered but not all bad, it’s the side streets that are solid ice and not fit for driving large vehicles on.

All missed collections of black bins will be collected a day late (weather permitting). We will manage this by halting the brown bin collections on Tuesday/Wednesday. All brown bin collections affected will be collected on Saturday 4th of December again weather permitting.

All of the SDDC staff are aware of what is planned and have agreed to work Saturday to catch up.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused, the safety of the workforce, members of the public and our fleet is our main concern.


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