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There is no dog poo fairy.

Since the lockdown, we have been seeing litter on the verges. This includes drinks cans, bottles, single-use cups, and a marked increase in dog fouling. We all know the health and anti-social problems related to failing to pick up after a pet and everyone is urged to report to the district council anyone they see failing to collect after their dog–the district council will prosecute anyone failing to pick up after their pet or who leaves bags of dog fouling. In addition, the district council will also prosecute anyone caught littering.

The parish council is working to address this issue; 2 additional litter bins are to be installed at Mickleover Country Park (please download the below PDF to see the locations) The council is encouraging people to responsibly dispose of their litter and to be responsible pet owners.

Country Park Map[5056]
Download PDF • 404KB


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