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Consultation and for a Free Port and a 5G mast to be installed in the parish

We have received notification of a consultation for a Free Port for the East Midlands. In February 2020, the UK Government launched a consultation on creating up to 10 Freeports with special tariff and duty status to fuel economic growth, ‘level up’ underperforming regions, and promote innovation and regeneration. This documentation provided is for consultation on the East Midlands Free Port that affects the Parish.

Free Port document for download

East Midlands Freeport Briefing Pack FIN
Download • 1.01MB

We have also received plans for the erection of a 5G mast to sit in the Parish. Below are downloads of the documents we have received so you can see what is being proposed.

5G Mast documentation for download

5G Services v2 (1)
Download PDF • 209KB
CS General Background Information (Engla
Download • 293KB
Mobile phones and health Research Review
Download • 157KB
Proposed plans REV A
Download PDF • 1.79MB
Download • 764KB


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