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Proposed changes to recycling centres

You may have seen that Derbyshire County Council are carrying out a consultation on how the County Council recycling(Bring) centres operate and what they can take. To enable better management of the recycling centres for the residents of Derbyshire, Derbyshire County Council are updating the existing cameras and vehicle counters across the county.

However, to reach the level of savings required, a combination of changes to the current recycling centre services are being proposed within this consultation. These are:

  1. Reducing the opening hours or days of recycling centres.

  2. Restricting or charging for tyres and asbestos.

  3. Charging for usage of recycling centres by small Derbyshire businesses.

This consultation is only for Derbyshire County Council household waste recycling centres. It does not include Derby City Council’s household waste recycling centre at Raynesway. DCC are carrying out this consultation by way of online questioniare. Please click the button below to access this

To read the full consultaion please click the link below


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